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From retirement planning to investment advise ADKINS LEGAL SERVICES provides a full range of financial services to our clients including asset protection, small business services, mediation, and estate planning.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning must extend beyond Social Security Benefits: Does your employer provide adequate benefits? What can you do to secure your future? What can you do to plan if you work for yourself? How do you defer taxation of current taxable income until you retire? Call us today for all your Retirement & Financial planning needs. Bobby Adkins strives to provide a professional, considerate environment and promises to pay careful attention to every detail of your finances to give you the best solutions possible.

Asset Protection
As the complexity of risk expands at an escalating pace, it demands an almost constant stream of innovative thinking. Adkins' Risk Management Consulting provides expert advice concerning strategic risk management and technical support services to assist clients in assessing and managing their cost of risk. Our services include:

  • Coverage/Program Analysis.
  • Benchmarking Studies.
  • Cost of Risk Allocations.
  • Request for Proposal.
  • Workers' Compensation Feasibility Studies.
  • Alternative Funding Studies.
  • Alternative Financial Products.
  • Integrated Risk Modeling.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures Due Diligence.
  • Risk Identification and Assessment.
  • Strategic Consulting Services.
  • Consulting to Associations and Pools.
  • Publication of Practical Risk Management.

Small Business Services
New business owners confront numerous questions: How should you establish your business? Should you incorporate? How do you raise capital? How should you establish your accounting system? Call us today for help with your business management and operation.

Mr. Adkins can assist you with your mediation, and arbitration, needs. His unique education, and experience, offers you a diverse wealth of knowledge that can assist you in mediating, and, or, arbitrating, your respective dispute. Alternative dispute resolution offers another means of potentially resolving your applicable dispute.
  • As a Certified Public Accountant [CPA], Mr. Adkins offers you nearly 20 years of experience.
  • With an MBA, in finance, Mr. Adkins offers you sophisticated financial knowledge, and experience.
  • As a Doctor of Jurisprudence [JD], Mr. Adkins offers you a unique legal perspective, to your  applicable civil dispute.
  • With an LL.M. in taxation [Master of Laws on Taxation], Mr. Adkins offers you a diverse background, in resolving various tax issues.

Thus, Mr. Adkins provides you with a diverse, and sophisticated, combination of education, and experience, that can, often, assist you in developing a resolution to your civil dispute.

Investment Advisory
We can assist in the development of a wealth creation plan, so that you can realize your goal, of financial independence, in an expedient fashion.


Estate Planning
ADKINS LEGAL SERVICES can assist you with your estate planning needs, to minimize your estate tax liability, and maximize the wealth that you transfer to your heirs.